Parent Education

Parents have more influence over their child than friends, music, TV, the Internet and celebrities.

Kids who learn a lot about the risks of drugs and alcohol from their parents are up to 50% less likely to use than those who do not.

Help your teen stay safe and make healthy choices by:

  • Talking and listening regularly

  • Being directly involved in your child’s everyday world

  • Making it clear that you do not want him or her drinking or using drugs

  • Setting limits


2012 Teen Survey Summary Statement 

National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse XVII: Teens (August 2012)  National Center for Adiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University


Emerging Trends 

New drugs and drug use trends often burst on the scene rapidly. NIDA’s Community Epidemiology Work Group (CEWG) is a network of researchers in major metropolitan areas and some states across the United States that reports data on emerging trends and patterns in drug use.


PDF Publications from NIDA & NIAAA


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Preventing Drug Abuse Among Adolescents

Preventing Drug Abuse Among Adolescents Spanish


Talk to your Kids about Alcohol

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The science of Addiction

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